Construct Supports The Launchpad Child and Youth Care Center in Cape Town

May 31, 2023, Cape Town, South Africa

Construct Education, a digital learning services company, committed to transforming learning opportunities for people and communities, has announced the success of its recent toiletry drive in support of The Homestead Projects for Street Children. Over April and May, staff members at Construct Education generously donated to the campaign, which allowed the social outreach team to deliver much-needed toiletries to the beneficiaries living at the Launchpad Child and Youth Care Center.

On the day of the handover, members of the Construct Education team were present to celebrate the successful partnership between the organizations. CFO and incoming CEO Lorcan McHugh, HR Director Aroona Anderson, and Head of Marketing Anthea Variend were joined by members of the company’s social committee, as well as Arafat Gatabazi, a Construct Project Manager and board member for The Homestead Projects for Street Children.

Construct Education’s partnership with The Homestead started in July 2022, and since then, the two organizations have worked together to create transformative opportunities for people and communities. The success of the toiletry drive at Launchpad illustrates the impact this partnership can have.

“We are thrilled to have been able to support the amazing work being done at The Launchpad through our partnership with The Homestead,” said Lorcan McHugh. “At Construct Education, we believe that everyone deserves access to transformative learning opportunities, and that includes the young people living at The Launchpad. We’re excited to continue working with The Homestead to create positive change in our community.”

Construct encourages others to support The Homestead’s efforts to protect and empower street children in South Africa. Whether through a financial contribution or volunteering time, there are many ways to get involved and make a difference in the lives of vulnerable youth.

“I had an incredible experience visiting the Launchpad in Observatory. It was inspiring to see how the young men living at The Homestead are being prepared for independent living,” said Aroona Anderson. “The Launchpad team is doing amazing work developing their independence through internal job applications, menu planning and cooking for residents, as well as leadership roles. It was a real privilege to share the space and talk to the youth. We’d like to thank Maria Sikaundi and The Launchpad team for hosting us.”

About Construct Education

Construct Education is a leading online education company committed to transforming learning opportunities for people and communities. Through innovative course design, expert consultation, and a deep understanding of the latest trends in online education, Construct Education helps businesses, universities, and organizations design and deliver transformative learning experiences. Learn more at

About The Homestead Projects for Street Children

The Homestead Projects for Street Children is a non-profit organization that works to protect and empower street children in South Africa. With a focus on rehabilitation, education, and community support, The Homestead provides essential services to vulnerable youth to create lasting change in their lives. Learn more at The Homestead.


Anthea Variend
Head of Marketing
Construct Education

Construct Education Cape Town team visit The Launchpad Centre to handover toiletries.
CEO of Construct Lorcan Mc Hugh and the Cape Town team sit with The Homestead staff.
Homestead Board Member, Arafat Gatabazi, takes a selfie with the Construct and Homestead teams
Construct Education donates toiletries to The Launchpad Centre in Observatory, Cape Town.