Rewind to 2013

Our company began with two innovators from London with a simple vision. Their goal was to bridge the gap between education and employment by harnessing the latest technology and learning design.

The burning question: “How can we transform learning and training programs into more meaningful experiences that ultimately translate into accessible and necessary skills for use in the real world?

Starting up

Krishan and Carl gave up their day jobs to answer this simple question.

Like any good startup story, we began by picking up two refurbished laptops and scrambling to pay rent in a building due for demolition. However, we always aimed to look and behave professionally.

By being authentic and exceeding expectations, we quickly progressed to harnessing our spot at the Google Campus in London.

At the Google Campus, our small dedicated team started developing custom learning platforms, using open source technology created at Harvard and MIT.

Finding Success

Soon enough, with a rapidly growing base, the time was right to scale the team. Learning experience designers, content production experts, software developers, and project managers were required to support the growth on both sides of the Atlantic.

We continued to grow the business in the Middle East, oversaw a rapid expansion of the Learning Lab in Cape Town, and secured strategic partnerships with two of the largest education technology companies in the world, Pearson, and Instructure.

In 2020 Construct was included in a list of the top 50 fastest growing technology companies in the UK. The “UK Technology Fast 50“, compiled by Deloitte, ranks firms based on their revenue growth over the last four years. The company placed 20th in its debut appearance on the list.

Focus Forward 2022

We have built out our capacity through expansion into four continents – including locations in the United Kingdom, United States, and South Africa. We are truly global and with our diverse range of employee backgrounds and experience, our core delivery capabilities continue to broaden.

With rapid growth over the years, our continued focus is creating opportunities for our team and clients through transformative learning experiences. Find out how we can make your learning vision a reality.

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