Construct is a global, vocal leader of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for learners wherever they are found, from K-12 to higher education and employment.

As a values-based company that advocates a human-centered approach for learners, clients, and Construct staff, our bespoke approach to designing effective and engaging learning naturally respects and affirms others’ well-being.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion begins with who we are. Our global company staff profile is 60% female, 38% non-white, and includes a rich tapestry of religions and ages, working across several different continents. Diversity is woven into our organization’s DNA.

We aim to attract, hire, and retain diverse talent. We create opportunities for everyone to succeed in their career path, including people of color, women, veterans, LGBTQ+, and people of all ages and abilities.

With more than 80% of the workforce based in South Africa, we are deeply committed to equitable hiring practices. We give preference to previously disadvantaged groups of people, and actively recruit people who have alternative educational achievements, and then provide mentorship and coaching to ensure they reach the levels of professionalism required.

Our culture at Construct is one of inclusion and diversity. We host regular presentations on topics of interest, including being sensitive to religious preferences and personal values. We pay particular attention to our staff’s mental well-being, actively sharing resources to be used, online mindfulness sessions, and dedicated themes to ensuring all people feel supported and included in their success.

Our vision as a company began, and has stayed, with the idea that one day everyone will have the opportunity to attain meaningful learning for better lives and jobs through transformational learning.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a pillar of our vision: along with learning that is authentic, motivating, cooperative, and memorable, inclusive learning—our formal label for DEI—is one of our five crucial dimensions of evidence-based quality learning that guides everything that we do, called our Quality Framework. We’ve assured this goes from research to practice by assigning one of our most senior learning designers as our dedicated DEI subject-matter expert.

As a central core of our pedagogy, we take diversity, equity, and inclusion very seriously. At Construct, every learning designer must both learn and demonstrate mastery of DEI learning design by participating in a competency-based course we custom created, resulting in a DEI badge micro-credential that links to evidence of learning. As part of our Quality Framework, we then ensure its operationalization with a rubric that guides and evaluates learning designers.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are put into practice by delineated design rules for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), Universal Design for Learning, mobile design, competency-based learning, and personalized learning. Our teams are continuously training on WCAG principles, and we have checklists and measurements to ensure we meet and exceed these standards.