US High School District Invests In Online Learning Programs To Address Credit Recovery Model

Serving students located near many of the fires in California, Oxnord Union High School District (OUHSD) realized that several students missed class anywhere from 1-2 weeks. They knew that developing an online high school program and moving them to an LMS would effectively address a credit recovery model and provide more customized courses to better suit the flexibility needed to ensure that students have the resources in order to become college-ready.

The Challenge

  • Credit recovery: Allowing students to recover high school credits through online courses.
    Supporting faculty: Allowing faculty to use online class content to supplement their instruction.
    Increasing rigor: Using an online high school program as a way for some students to move ahead with high school credits in a way that works with their schedules.
    Confidence booster: Provide students greater confidence in their academic life

Why Construct

  • OUHSD felt that working with Construct would allow them to design and build customized courses to suit their students’ and teachers’ specific needs while avoiding the large costs associated with doing it themselves.
  • OUHSD also believed the Construct approach was not solely focus on the content and pedagogy but also on how students experience the content and the learning.

The Solution

  • An online high school program designed at a personalized level allows students and teachers to come first.

  • A rich media approach was adopted to retain course engagement.

  • Support faculty by sourcing subject matter experts specializing in creating online content to work with them on adapting course content.

  • Determined opportunities for textbook integration on the Canvas platform through publishers

The Result

  • OUHSD experienced a 300% increase in the number of learners accessing online courses via Canvas.
  • OUHSD’s online course reach expanded to ~17,000 students.
Creating course graphics at scale
  • We use visual style guide and templates to create consistency in each course and the program – this is especially important when creating 300+ graphics.
How we used video to create interest and engagement
  • All the courses featured short-form video content to explain to concepts.
  • The objective was to mimic social media style videos which students are familiar with and accustomed to consuming.
Play Video about online high school program video spanish

Oxnard Union High School District is a large district located in Southern California and serves 11 different high schools. OUHSD’s driving mission is to ensure that every student has endless access to equitable support and opportunities for success in post secondary education.

How can Construct help you?

Our experience gained from delivering thousands of online courses since 2013 has led us to be able to efficiently scaffold courses through tried and tested processes, enabling Construct and any new partner to focus on creativity, innovation, and quality.

Our services include:

  • Course design & development
  • Program / course migration
  • Learning strategy consultation
  • Instructional design
  • Media production
  • Student support
  • Course maintenance