The Corporate University has been a consistent goal of many companies for many years. 

The difficulty is that online programs for professional development can often be a challenge. 

Even the largest companies in the world often lack the time, expertise or resources to build engaging digital learning programs.

Construct provides domain expertise through a dedicated Agile Project Team with learning strategists, course writers, software developers, graphic designers, and media production specialists to create and implement your vision.

We place less emphasis on digital as a means of disseminating information. 

Instead we utilize technology to innovate pedagogy, thus creating digitally enhanced, carefully crafted, hybrid Constructivist learning experiences.

Through this framework we can embed foundational knowledge into programs in order to support the development of workplace, technical, and 21st century skills and capabilities in students.

An image of a workforce, office working hard.

Harnessing knowledge from across your organization for authentic, informative interactions and ongoing development of employees.