TÜV SÜD trains and manages over 800 experts and 24,500 employees from over 1,000 locations around the world. TÜV SÜD experts assess and certify that medical device manufacturers produce quality systems and products. The belief that technology should be a trusted piece of our lives and serve to better the world is a critical piece in driving the work done by TÜV SÜD. Through their programs and training, TÜV SÜD aims to protect “people, the environment, and assets from technology-related risks.”

“TÜV SÜD is in the business of protecting people and property through testing, inspecting, training, and more.”

“This project is very high stakes and intense, but that is what makes it very rewarding.”

Check back for updates on project progress and what’s to come next in our continual work with TÜV SÜD.