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“The era of click is here to stay, and everything you try will be about continuous iteration.”

“But wait, there’s more.” It has felt to many that as soon as they’ve come to grips with one change in 2020, another one has appeared. The year of surprise navigation. For the EdTech space, this has brought many exciting and sometimes daunting navigation opportunities. Covid-19 has forced educators to embrace online learning delivery.

Here are three tips to help encourage connection and facilitation in the digital learning delivery journey.

Tip 1: Recognize the Click

The digital learning environment cannot replicate the brick and mortar one. It requires some adaptation and acknowledgment of our 21st-century learners’ habits in a digital setting. These habits are things like:

This can be translated into building learning that keeps the following principles in mind:

Tip 2: Observe What You See (and Don’t See)

Once you’ve created your learner journey and various spaces for students to connect with you, the content, and each other, observe how your learners engage in each of those spaces, including what they say, what they hand in, what questions they ask, or instructions everyone queries and more.

Learners need to know how and when they can reach out and, equally important, how to create predictability in the time it takes to respond to those queries (aim for a 24-hour turnaround). Another valuable consideration for learners is to create a space for them to connect with their learning—student reflection journals. If you decide to make these journals visible, they will offer you another angle of insight into how students’ learning journeys are progressing.

Tip 3: Experiment and Iterate

Online learning delivery allows many opportunities to explore and repeat a student’s journey based on learner engagement. Here are some ideas to try:

Continuously watch how your students choose to pull information from the learner journey you’ve created and remember to experiment—regularly! There’s always more to learn. You’ll know you have successfully navigated the journey from “brick to click” when your students tell you so.


Lindsay Thomas

Lindsay Thomas

Learning Strategist at Construct