Media Training and Capacity Building of Lecturers in Rwanda

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Written by Michelle Dolphin

In July this year, our senior producer, Gert Steyn, and I traveled to Kigali, Rwanda, to provide in-person capacity training to lecturers from the University of Rwanda.

At first, we were sure we could facilitate the training remotely, but once on the ground, we soon realized that an in-person, hands-on approach was the best way to ensure the effective transfer of skills.

We facilitated two lessons for the on-site learners, detailing best practices for content production for creating Piece-to-Camera (PTC) videos. These lessons covered a range of production topics, including:

  • the visual style guide,
  • design principles,
  • scripting,
  • various video formats,
  • setting up a green screen, and
  • media training on how to be comfortable and speak confidently in front of the camera.

This in-person training was highly beneficial as the lessons were interactive, and everyone had time to practice and implement what they had learned. I found that this training is also a sustainable way of learning as we were able to help, advise, practice, and redo in real-time.

It was also really satisfying to watch everyone discuss what they have learned, how they solved problems, and have fun during the training! The result was that lecturers acquired a production skill-set they could implement in their own edtech courses. 

It reminds me of the quote by Thomas Carruthers, “A good teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary.”

Construct in Rwanda Gallery

During our time with the VVOB team and University of Rwanda lecturers, we learned that when it comes to media training, a practical on-site approach ensures the skills are being immediately implemented and practiced alongside fellow learners. 

Gert and I were also fortunate enough to spend time exploring a few of Rwanda’s museums and galleries, and experience the delicious cuisine.

Professionally, it was great to interact with the lecturers and meet the VVOB Rwanda team in person—our main points of contact, Loran Pieck and Sara Vermeulen, were so warm-hearted and accommodating. Our time spent in Rwanda was an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with a longstanding partner, VVOB. 

We look forward to future projects where both Construct Education and VVOB can work together to fulfill our visions of unlocking opportunity by creating quality education for all.

Michelle Dolphin


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