If you haven’t heard the news yet, WE ARE HOSTING A VIRTUAL CONFERENCE at the beginning of June. We will be holding two sessions, one for EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) time zones (4 June) and one suited to U.S. time zones (5 June).

We’re sure you’ve all noticed that COVID has affected the education industry in far-reaching ways that we’re only beginning to understand. That’s why we’re reaching out to clients and partners, along with our own internal experts, to play a part in supporting teachers, administrators, and higher education institutions as a whole in the transition to online learning. By arming each other with information, a trusted network of experts, and shared experiences, we can all be better prepared to pivot as the education market evolves.

We are structuring this conference to be a timely discussion on what educators and administrators need to know and do next in a post-COVID world. Our two half-day, virtual events will include industry experts, university administrators and faculty, and technology providers to provide breadth and depth of expertise. During this event, we’ll have speakers leading discussions on the following themes:

  • Why quality learning is timeless, and how to achieve it
  • How things have changed in education and how to be ready
  • How to enable faculty to be successful as they transition from teaching online to online learning
  • Institution-level trends in administration and legal repercussions

Follow us on social media or keep an eye on our Conference Event Page for announcements on who our keynote speakers will be, specific topics that will be discussed, and which institutions will be attending and participating.

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