• Describe what blended learning is and what online learning is and be able to outline the difference between the terms.

  • Recognize the key benefits and challenges of a blended approach to learning design and delivery.

  • Assess the purpose and value add of a blended approach to learning design.

By prompting you to apply the skills that you learn in the course, this program really stands out from other resources that simply provide you with information about best practices. We recognize that engagement is key to understanding, which is why we use narratives and metaphors to teach you the foundations. We don’t just tell you, we show you. In this particular course we utilize the metaphor of building a course being similar to building a house; you first need the foundation which will then allow you to build on each consecutive piece in order to create something stable and effective, and the same is true for learning.

Structuring the Course layout

I’ve enjoyed the whole course and felt that it followed a very logical path. I found the zoom workshops most useful, as they gave me the space and opportunity to discuss my view, cement my understanding and, most crucially, hear from my colleagues who know much more than I do about online learning.

I’m totally new to this, so I found the discussions really interesting and super insightful. There were some discussions that I expected to go a certain way but they went in a totally different direction, so it really gave me a lot of new knowledge and perspectives to consider. Thank you! I also think the tech of Zoom is pretty awesome – it all went completely smoothly as we transitioned into, and out of, break out rooms.

Love it! making everyone realise mistakes they have been making and what areas need work. Really eye-opening and informative. Learned a lot.

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