In 2021 VVOB selected Construct as their instructional design partner to develop microlearning modules that would provide professional development support to K-12 educators.

The Challenge

  • Deliver a learning program in a way that teachers can target specific skills development areas.
  • Deliver media rich courses to teachers in areas where access to technology and connectivity  is limited.

The Solution

  • Construct solved VVOB’s challenge by designing 29 modules following a microlearning approach.
  • Courses were designed to be short, impactful, focused, and direct.
  • Modules were media rich to illustrate difficult concepts.
  • Content targeted what teachers needed to know at the end of each module.

The Result

  • Reducing excess information meant that busy educators could learn what they needed in a short time frame.
  • Educators enrolled in the course could target specific development areas.
  • Delivering material through microlearning enabled the South African Education Departments to provide training in fast-changing or low-tech environments.

The Proof

View the impact of good learning design on content when you slide the arrow left.

VVOB Microlearning Course Graphic Before 1 VVOB Microlearning Course Graphic After 1
Microlearning Graphic Optimization Before Microlearning Course Graphic Optomization After
About VVOB

VVOB is a non-profit entity commissioned by the Flemish and Belgian governments to contribute to the quality of education in emergent nations.

VVOB – South Africa supports the South African Department of Basic Education to fulfill the right to quality education for every learner, without any form of discrimination. 

How can Construct help you?

Our experience gained from delivering thousands of online courses since 2013 has led us to be able to efficiently scaffold courses through tried and tested processes, enabling Construct and any new partner to focus on creativity, innovation, and quality.

Our services include:

  • Course design & development
  • Program / course migration
  • Learning strategy consultation
  • Instructional design
  • Media production
  • Student support
  • Course maintenance

What is your challenge? We're here to help.

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