Perhaps you’ve heard the news: after six years of business, we have recently rebranded our organization to Construct. Prior to the new brand launch, we were simultaneously running several lines of business with different names, some of which may be familiar to you: Construct, Proversity, and PearsonX. Although all of our online program enablement services are delivered by the same amazing teams based in Salt Lake City, London, and Cape Town (along with embedded teams in California, Oxford, and Doha), we were operating under several names. Confusing? Just a little.

At our heart, we are a learning company, so we decided to embrace our roots with our new company-wide brand: Construct. The name Construct is a nod to constructivism, a learning paradigm developed in the early twentieth century by Vygotsky and Piaget. We recommend learning solutions to our customers that allow learners to construct knowledge – build on what they already know by practicing skills in a context as close to real life as possible. We help organizations accomplish this by including scenario-based learning, storytelling, case studies, and synchronous coaching sessions, to name a few.

We find the name is doubly fitting because we see ourselves as the builders of a new way of learning – from the learning strategy to the learner experience and media production – that will transform how your learners interact with online courses. We feel that this approach is deeply human, which is perhaps our most fundamental value as a company. Giving individuals opportunities to construct knowledge based on personal experience and real-life practice is far more humane and people-focused than asking them to sit through one hundred slides or day-long trainings. Not only is it more humane, but it’s more effective and often less expensive.

We hope you’ll enjoy our bold, modern new look, as well as our new identity. We are proud to be a progressive, authentic, and unconventional company, forging a path for new ways of learning and skill-building that will serve a quickly changing world. If you’re interested in partnering with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Katie Bradford

Katie Bradford

Chief Operating Officer – Salt Lake City