As co-founders of the company, Krishan and Carl are proud to announce the next step in our evolution.

This has been a huge year for us.

Following a $US 3 million investment in 2019 we:

– made a home at our new permanent US Headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT

doubled the size of our Learning Laboratory in Cape Town

– established embedded teams in California, Doha and Oxford

As part of this growth, we have seen a diversification of our business, which now includes significant K-12 and higher education work as well as our traditional domain expertise in workforce and government education strategy.

As we’ve evolved, our team has decided to re-brand our entire organization to ‘Construct’.

Construct is our subtle nod to Constructivism, which has been an underpinning principle for the company from day one.

Jean Piaget’s Constructivist theory suggests that humans construct knowledge and meaning from their experiences. Whilst, Constructivism is not a specific pedagogy it has had a wide ranging impact on learning and we see it as playing a fundamental role in the future of online learning.

Construct CEO, David Philipps, said of the growth and changes: “We are pleased to announce today that as a result of our ongoing expansion, an additional 150 instructional design, technology and creative jobs are expected to be created in the next three years. These new offices demonstrate yet again that we are a fast-growing, digital learning company with a growing footprint in Europe, United States, Middle East and South Africa.”

The American COO for Construct, Katie Bradford said: “the Online Program Management space is one of the fastest-growing sectors in education and professional development in the USA, EMEA and the Middle East. By marrying the requirements of the greatest institutions in the world with our distinctive skills and experiences, I know we can continue to deliver truly phenomenal learning experiences, that have an impact from California to Canberra.”

Carl Dawson

Carl Dawson

Chairperson and Construct Co-Founder