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The Zebra Company Approach: Why Construct Chooses to be Real

You may have heard the term “Unicorn Company” used to describe the most successful start-ups in the technology industry. These companies are valued at over a billion dollars and are often associated with being magical, rare, and successful. However, they may not always meet realistic expectations. But what about Zebra Companies? The rising trend focuses on sustainability, balance, and social impact. In this blog post, we’ll explore what a Zebra company is, why we’ve chosen this approach, and how it benefits us as an edtech company.

Firstly, What is a Zebra Company?

A Zebra is a term used to describe companies that prioritize balanced and sustainable growth over rapid expansion and profitability. Much like the animal, Zebra companies are collaborative, community-driven, and focused on the greater good as much as their bottom line. This approach contrasts with the traditional Unicorn model of start-ups, which emphasizes fast expansion and global domination and is linked to big promises that are usually not delivered on.

What Makes Construct a Zebra Company?

At Construct, we prioritize customer satisfaction and making an impact in the education sector, even if it means slower growth. We believe providing a quality experience to our users is crucial, as it makes learning more accessible, equitable, and efficient. Our Zebra nature means we can sustainably grow and improve over time instead of seeking rapid expansion.

Unlike unicorns, Zebras are a more realistic model to follow, as we know that magical success isn’t sustainable in the long term. We choose to be real, transparent, and honest about our goals and progress. By focusing on quality and sustainability, we create a stable and balanced workplace culture that benefits our team, customers, and stakeholders.

Another essential aspect of the Zebra approach is the idea of cooperation and unity. Much like these herd animals, we show our stripes by taking the Zebra approach. We focus on fostering a culture of transparency and cooperation that benefits everyone involved—customers, team members, and stakeholders. Zebras work together, collaborate, and support each other rather than compete intensely. This approach means we appreciate our team member’s skills and contributions and ensure they feel valued and heard.

Further, our Zebra nature means we aim to create a positive impact on society by making education accessible and inclusive for all.

In conclusion, Zebras may not be as glamorous as unicorns (*Zithembe will definitely disagree), but depending on the measure of success they’re as successful, if not more. By choosing a Zebra approach, Construct prioritizes the quality of our product, the cooperation within our team, and the positive impact we can create.

This ethical and sustainable approach is crucial to our brand and market position in today’s demanding business world. We take pride in making learning more accessible, inclusive, and effective.

*Zithembe, the Construct Zebra, is more than a mascot. It is featured prominently in our Cape Town offices, presentations, and company swag to remind us of who we are. Zithembe means, “trust yourself” in the Zulu language.


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