Universities are getting digital and moving their learning and classrooms online. It’s no surprise why: they can engage a larger number of learners, create a more relaxed and flexible learning environment, and allow students to learn more in their own time.

So why should you take an online course?

More skills in less time – the advantages for employers and learners are clear. Online learning will not only cut down the time-commitment of taking a conventional classroom course, but will also cost less to acquire a new skill. Many online courses are reasonably priced which is a very compelling offer based on the premise that learners will be able to build skills in a shorter period of time.

Credentials are more easily obtained – options such as nanodegrees aim to teach a certain topic to earn a credential within six to twelve months. Again, online learning clearly caters to the needs of employers and employees alike. These nanodegrees cover a very defined subject but also aim to be stackable- meaning that the learner will be able to combine different nanodegrees in order to advance in her/his career. Nanodegrees are priced lower than most university courses, and can build upon university acquired skills and knowledge. This allows learners to further advance what they already know and easily acquire the things that they don’t. This allows people to better fill in the gaps that occur between higher education and the expertise needed to succeed in the corporate world of work. This proves to be of great value as we aim get learners prepared for the 21st century workplace immediately after completion of their degrees.

Easier communication – question and discussion time may not be allotted within all classrooms and lectures. Construct’s online platforms make it easy for learners to communicate and exchange ideas with one another, and encourages more direct interaction with instructors and material to make course experiences more engaging. Contextualized content can be shared and discussed by a wide audience at one time. Online learning helps learners develop a knowledge and skills-base needed for the real world.

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Zairah Khurshid

Former Marketing & Business Development Manager at Construct