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It has been shown that humans are inherently social beings; we’ve created multiple languages to communicate with each other, and our social engagement so often influences our mental and physical health. Living in a time where social isolation has been a key to our combating of the CORONA-19 virus, it has become increasingly apparent just how important social behavior is for our health in the long term.

Loneliness—The Silent Killer

With social isolation having been part of our lives for over a year now, many have struggled to find alternative ways to engage with their friends and family members, leaving them not only physically but also emotionally isolated. Without finding ways to connect (be it via a Zoom family chat or playing Scrabble online against a Facebook friend), individuals can face the risk of declining mental and physical wellbeing. This, alongside elevated stress hormones, a disruptive sleep cycle, cardiovascular stress, and a lowered immune system, are all the results of a lack of connectivity within a person’s community.

But no fear! Because even in a pandemic, there are many ways that people can still connect! Social media is a huge tool for staying connected, even before we knew how much we needed to! Now, we have the means to instant-message those we care about, have groceries delivered in 60 minutes to our family members, and play online games against our friends worldwide! Remember to reach out to friends and family who may be having a tough time in their isolation bubble. After all, it only takes a few minutes out of your day but could have a major impact on theirs.

Connectedness and Your Health

It’s no secret that social engagement with the people we love gives us all of the good feels (human brains release ‘happy’ hormones such as oxytocin and dopamine when we are physically close to those we love), but how else can it help us?

Believe it or not, when we feel socially accepted and loved, the hormones that tell our brains we’re happy also aid in physical pain relief! Other positive benefits of socializing include: reducing your risk of diabetes, promoting a sense of security, lowering your blood pressure, decreasing your cortisol levels, increasing your self-esteem, and socializing also helps you live longer! If that’s not reason enough to give your gran a call, I don’t know what is.

Make Your Circle Bigger

Altruism is defined as promoting someone else’s welfare, even above our own at times. There are corporations desperate for help (especially during this time of global crisis), and some of them greatly benefit from a simple ‘like and subscribe’ to their social media channels. Charity work doesn’t always mean a hefty financial contribution or having to fly across the world; it can mean: offering up your time to assist at a soup kitchen, walking the dogs at a local pound, registering to become an organ donor online, donating your used belongings to a second-hand shop, learning ASL, and participating in events organized by respective charities. It really is THAT simple to help your community! So what are you waiting for?

Being a predominantly online-based EdTech company putting course content in the palms of learners around the world, Construct employees recognize just how important connectivity can be. Keeping that in mind, for the fourth week of Mental Wellness March, we have an exciting week-long activity in practicing kindness going live:

Introducing: RAK Week!

As a part of Mental Wellness March, Construct employees will be taking their communities’ wellbeing into their own hands across the globe. RAK stands for Random Acts of Kindness, and each employee is encouraged to see just how many random acts they can impart to their community in only one week. No act of kindness is too big or too small; think of anything from offering up your seat on public transportation to someone who needs it more to registering online to become an organ donor. Each act of kindness brings communities closer together while still keeping us safe!

Want to take part? Please do! Post your RAK on your social media channel of choice and tag us to spread kindness and hopefully inspire others with ways they can help!


Carolyn Taylor

,Carolyn Taylor

Graphic Designer at Construct