By David Casey |

On Friday, March 13th, all of our teams at Construct were physically working at offices across multiple global geographies.  The following Tuesday a remote working business continuity plan kicked in company- wide in response to COVID-19. Sustaining operations, continuing to be productive, and delivering on milestones, all while also ensuring team members are engaged and remain aligned to company values and culture in these unprecedented times has been a top-of-mind question for leaders, team members, and clients expecting a product on time and in budget.

I am sharing some observations and ideas for how teams can continue with their attempts to sail through this storm we are currently navigating and eventually reach calm waters (whatever that calm may look like).  We need to continue to work on and sharpen these new normal-for-work guidelines as predictions indicate that they might remain with us for the foreseeable future.

Be Adaptable & Change-able

This is critical during these times as we bear in mind that we cannot imagine the new future if we continue to dwell on and do what we did in the past. People have to step up and think differently in an agile way. Adopt new innovative ways to approach issues as they arise and reach out to support other functions across the organization to row in and collaborate. Have a “we are all in this together” mindset. Eliminating the “them” and “us” point-of-view will allow teams to flourish and become stronger.

Be Present & Available for Each Other

Reach out and offer assistance and support. Offer help. Ask team members “What can I help you with to achieve your deadlines?” This is the magic sauce that will bring an individual and collective cross-functional team closer ensuing success. Team members should also reach out for support if it’s needed during these times and know that a positive response will be received and actioned. Continue to celebrate individual, team, and companywide successes virtually.

Be an Over-Communicator

Stay social with work colleagues to ensure you remain connected. Remain present and connected in all meetings and any necessary follow-ups. Teams and project groups should establish a good routine for how to share information on digital platforms so people don’t get drowned in too much information. Set up regular interaction points daily, such as virtual morning coffee catch-up meetings to connect with another team member for knowledge sharing, feedback, or to show engagement. This will replace the regular watercooler conversations with digital solutions and will ensure that team members continue to feel connected.

“Communication is key to making sure we all feel part of something real and the bigger picture that motivates us all.”

Be Prepared to Execute a Healthy Mindset

Plan in advance your daily meals as this is a huge contributor as a fundamental part of holistic wellbeing. Maybe now is the time to experiment with your culinary skills or improve your recipe repertoire. Healthy eating and getting enough sleep combined with developing an exercise schedule that works for your home setup is critical to ensuring your feel-good self is present daily. Limit your daily social media and screen time ensuring your family time and conversations with loved ones is not dominated by negative news and social media reporting.

Be a Routine Owner & Stick to It

Unlearn, relearn, or learn to establish a daily routine, building in necessary breaks that work for you based on your individual home circumstances and collective team schedules requirements. Set a routine that allows you to delineate between work and home life otherwise the lines will blur.  Try to claim some separation in a space that is work focused and will allow you to shut off from work when the day is over.

We are living through history right now and co-creating the future – who knows what the future will bring? We are in the space to design the future of the “new normal.” Be a part of this exciting challenge right now by being a collective member of your remote teams, always striving for success and greatness!


David Casey

,David CaseyChief People Officer, Construct