Value Summary

What do you get when we help you build a personalized course landing page? The learners that interact with your content receive personalized recommendations on courses and programs in your catalog based on their profiles, learning performance, and learning preferences – as a result, they can find courses that feel like were designed just for them.


For the Learner 

We live in a world where consumers are increasingly conditioned to receive the most relevant content first. This is easily seen in e-commerce sites like Amazon, among search engines like Google, and in entertainment platforms like Netflix. Today, users of learning platforms can receive the same experience through our technology.

Every learner has a personal life story that has shaped their distinct interests – what if we could tailor the right learning path for each individual based on their unique histories and preferences?

Based on a learner’s history, interaction with other learners, and student profiling, we can adjust learning pathways to suit every learner. Our platform is equipped with a smart recommendation system that allows learners to quickly and easily discover the courses that are ideal for them. The system removes distracting, non-relevant information so that learners can obtain the skills they need more efficiently.

For the Learning Company 

Many learning companies are building digital courses to strengthen their online course catalogs. As part of this process, they must also refresh their marketing and sales strategies. Learning companies need to effectively manage the conversion of new leads to customers, keep their existing learners, and simultaneously promote the purchase of additional courses.

Adding personalized landing pages increases the chances that the learner will purchase more courses. These pages increase the chances of new and existing learners finding and purchasing courses that are the best fit for them. Our technology can generate hundreds of different personalized landing pages for different students, which improves overall customer retention rates.

For the University

The modern university model is changing, with an increased emphasis on digital transformation which has largely taken place in the last few years. As the trend continues to gain momentum, universities are transforming their current courses by migrating them to online versions. Students are then better able to choose from existing courses and are also more inclined to explore new options.

When a student has access to a personalized landing page, all relevant courses become readily available at their fingertips. They need not choose from dozens of courses but only from 4-5 that matter most.

Using this personalized approach can not only improve the number of courses that students enroll in, but it also increases course relevancy and improves course completion rates.

For the Course Designer 

Course designers are experts in building courses using effective learning strategies. One of their main considerations is the course length. Long courses may be tedious and less engaging – with shorter, more effective course layouts and microlearning opportunities, our platform allows designers to create content that will entice learners to digest more of your course content.

Product Description

+The personalized landing page is a place where each learner gets their own portfolio.

+The landing page contains several areas – personalized content, popular courses and programs and a catalog of all the courses that are offered.

+Each landing page’s theme can be adjusted easily to support white-labeled and OEM solutions for a variety of different client needs.

+Behind the scenes, we build a profile for every student – containing a history, preferences, and learner performance data.

+Our recommendation engine goes through the user’s profiles and fits each profile to a selected subset of the courses offered.

+When the user logs in to the catalog site, they will see only the courses that are relevant to their specific needs and interest.

+After the learner completes a course, the recommendation engine regenerates based on results and provides the learner with new recommendations.

Roi Shillo

Chief Technology Officer