HELM appoints Construct as design partner for Higher Ed leadership programs


Construct Education is pleased to announce our partnership with Higher Education Leadership and Management (HELM) program. HELM is a program of Universities of South Africa (USAf), an umbrella body representing the 26 public universities in SA.

The project that Construct Education will be providing support for, will touch on a number of courses offered by HELM to leaders in higher education in South Africa. These include Foundations of Leadership, Women in Leadership, and Masterclasses presented by higher education specialists and external experts.

Our role will be to ensure that video content for these courses create further engagement by designing and implementing a creative style for the content so that these videos act as authentic learning opportunities and insights for current and future leaders.

This reflects our commitment to growing collaborations with higher education organizations.

About HELM

HELM is a program of USAF  and has a strategic partnership with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), which provides financial support through the University Capacity Development Programme (UCDP). When HELM was initially launched in 2002, it was conceptualized to offer Vice-Chancellors and senior management strategic insight into the specific challenges that exist within the South African higher education landscape. Since its revitalization in 2017, HELM continues to offer valuable perspectives on the contemporary leadership and management context, complexities, and challenges facing universities. 

HELM offers contextual and bespoke leadership and management programs for emerging, middle, and senior managers in universities that support their work performance, professional development, and career advancement.

About Construct Education

Construct is a strategic learning solutions and instructional design partner to many of the world’s leading universities and organizations. Our flexible fee-for-service model enables us to deliver on our partner’s vision providing world-class expertise and exceptional value.

Our mission at Construct is to unlock opportunity through transformative learning experiences. To make this a reality, we design and deliver tailored and engaging digital learning experiences on behalf of our partners – this includes higher education and K-12 institutions, business, governments, and non-profit organizations. Our diverse, global teams bring extensive learning and platform expertise resulting in progressive instructional design, digital content production, project management, and education consulting services.

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