What makes some digital learning initiatives successful and others not? Digital learning works best when it does not have to replace the classroom, but should allow learners to combine digital learning with how their skills will be used in the real-world. Here’s how you can strategize your learning courses:

1. Get digital

Assess your infrastructure regularly and keep up with changing technology as it evolves. This includes high-speed and wireless access. The most successful school systems systematically build their infrastructure and networks and plan ahead several years prior to implementation. Construct courses are a great way to turn your educational content into an interactive, engaging tool for learners to apply their skills.

2. Develop teachers as well as students

On-going professional development opportunities help educators learn practical strategies for integrating technology into the curriculum. The same is true for delivering professional learning in both face-to-face and online formats to tailor training according to teachers’ needs. We help instructors develop their teaching when they structure their materials into a Construct course.

3. Outline and communicate learning priorities

Tailor teacher and student roles to personalize learning according to individual needs and interests. Communicate and outline priorities and what you both expect to take away from the course, and what you hope to learn.

4. Teach and venture beyond the classroom

Both learners and educators can embrace new ideas through experiencing other learning environments. When building a course, think about which setting would be best to showcase how what you learn is used in the real world. Build strategic relationships with local businesses, universities, foundations, and other organizations that can bring different points of view and types of expertise, which can stimulate creative thinking.

5. Make sense of data and numbers

Keep track of data, assessing the effectiveness of digital learning initiatives. This is important for personalizing learning and improving instruction. The most successful educational districts in the US collect and analyze data to guide learning and instruction and to track student outcomes. It’s also best to gather feedback and generate discussion about how students feel they can best learn from your course.

Courses created with Construct have the ability to have a built-in discussion forum for a one-to-one discourse between students and instructors. Our digital learning strategies combined with Construct support can make the learning process more results-focused, increase real-world application, and help create a more effective educational program.

Zairah Khurshid

Former Marketing and Business Development Manager