Just over a week ago, November 15th, marked six years since we were born as Proversity in London, UK. To celebrate the occasion, we hosted a company-wide, global celebration to honor all the growth we have achieved since we started as a small team in a modest office in Trafalgar Square.

Since then, our team has grown from our headquarters in London to our other major hubs in Cape Town, South Africa and Salt Lake City, Utah, US.

Why Cape Town, SA?

“Cape Town is arguably the most productive and impactful tech hub in sub-Saharan Africa.”

-Endeavor Insight, 2018

“Cape Town offers the best lifestyle for Tech entrepreneurs compared to other tech hubs across the continent.”

-IOL, 2018

“With an incredibly responsive and supportive regional government and a vibrantly innovative start-up ecosystem, Cape Town is an invigorating and rewarding destination to do business.”

-Invest Cape Town, 2019

“On average, Cape Town has a per capita GDP that is 32% higher than the national average.”

-EGS – Baseline Statistics 2019

Why Salt Lake City, UT, US?

“Salt Lake City ranked #22 on CBRE’s sixth-annual “Scoring Tech Talent” report, a comprehensive analysis which ranks 50 U.S. and Canadian markets according to their ability to attract and grow tech talent.”

-CBRE, 2018

“Salt Lake City saw the second-most tech-related commercial leases last year and now claims the ninth-largest share of tech tenants in the country.”

-Forbes, 2019

“How Utah Became the Next Silicon Valley.”

-Vara, The New Yorker 2015

“Move Over, Silicon Valley: Utah Has Arrived.”

-Mochari, PELION 2019

These last six years have not only allowed us to grow into new markets, but also strengthen relationships with our clients; expand our partnerships, including those with Instructure, Pearson, and Noodle Partners; and broaden our diverse and talented internal team of experts. Outside of our main offices, we have built remote teams residing around the globe in places like Oxford, UK; Doha, Qatar; Tel Aviv, Israel; King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia; Mountain View, California, US; and Ann Arbor, Michigan, US.

This internal growth is largely attributable to the beliefs of our founders, Carl and Krishan. Krishan advocates for the notion that the growth of our company was always directed toward being an “international movement; not a business movement, but a social movement” with the aim to “remove issues surrounding gender, race, status, and ability.” These ideals are what motivated us in the early days of our partnership with edX to help write their disability guidelines and why all our courses are created with accessibility standards at the forefront. Built on a strong framework, our company culture has always been driven by holding the asset of team diversity in high regard, in addition to providing resources and opportunities for professional and personal growth of our team members.

“I actually joined the company way back in 2015 when it was just a small team in

London! I guess I really connected with the idea of learning as a gateway to opportunities.”

Russell Lanigan, Creative Lead

London, UK

“I was really interested in finding a way to apply my video background (I ran my own video production business for three years) to work that made education more accessible for kids everywhere. Working for Construct on the Oxnard, CA project provided me that exact opportunity!”

Cara O’Malley, Project Manager

Mountain View, CA, US

“I love working with people, growing together, and I was hoping to have the opportunity to travel. When I joined Construct, it was my next step into the world of digital learning. From being an instructional designer and team lead, Construct has also allowed me to expand into a consulting role, which I really enjoy.”

Tracey-Lee Davis, Learning Solutions Architect

Doha, Qatar

“When I joined, over two and a half years ago, we were a tiny team in Cape Town with a family mindset and no windows in our office. Since then, I’ve been allowed to design my role, train our team collaboratively with some of my best friends, be the second ping pong champion in office (Antonio is the GOAT), and travel the world!”

Rebecca Furlong, Lead Video Editor

Cape Town, SA

“When I came across Construct a couple of years ago, I was attracted by the vision of let’s change the world by making education more accessible through technology. I joined when we were a small startup figuring things out, and I was lucky to see it grow into the company we are today.”

Lientjie Muller, New Business Development

London, UK

Our brilliant team of driven individuals with an array of different backgrounds and experiences have allowed us to make a big impact on the world of learning and training –  through the development of customized, accessible, and superior online programs.

As our CEO David Philipps announced earlier this year with the launch of our company-wide rebrand: “We are pleased to announce that as a result of our ongoing US $3 million expansion in Cape Town, an additional 150 instructional design, technology, and creative jobs are expected to be created in the next three years. These jobs will support online programs at universities in Boston, Oxford, and Doha as well as corporates and governments across the globe. Our vision is to support a diverse workforce which contributes to Cape Town’s ranking not only as one of the greatest cities on the planet but also one of the most powerful edtech hubs globally.” With this new goal in sight, we are looking forward to the continued growth of our team and our ongoing commitment to elevating the sphere of online learning.

Views from our offices around the world.

Victoria Hekking

Marketing Specialist