March 2022 – BIGD has partnered with Construct Education for the development of two blended learning courses designed for Bangladeshi government officials.

The two courses, Introduction to Governance and Lessons in Development, will be developed collaboratively with BIGD faculty ensuring the pedagogy and the digitization of the courses represent the program’s and faculty’s intention.

As partners, our goal is to design blended courses that create a seamless online and offline experience so that learners have a smooth education journey switching between both modes. Construct Education will design and develop all the digital elements for the course including videos, case studies, and online assignments.

Overall, the blended courses will be designed to make the learning more effective and dynamic for the learners with its contents and flexibility.

About BIGD

BIGD is a university-based knowledge center from the Global South that designs and implements rigorous multidisciplinary research grounded in practice and builds capabilities that foster evidence-driven innovation and improvement in governance and development processes and outcomes, leading to just and prosperous societies. Our core competency is our ability to deliver high-quality, large-scale field research using a wide range of methods in close engagement with government and development partners. BIGD also provides quality academic programs, trains promising young researchers and stakeholders, and develops knowledge products to build the capabilities of and empower current and future government and civil society actors.

About Construct Education

Construct Education designs strategic hybrid learning solutions through our unique fee-for-service model that delivers world-class expertise and exceptional value. We have successfully digitized courses for top-tier universities and organizations worldwide, from short courses to degrees and MBA programs. Education institutions, companies, governments, and NPOs trust us to bring their online programs to life – no matter the starting point, platform, time, or budget. At Construct, we are on a mission to unlock opportunities through transformative learning experiences, thereby bridging the gap between education and employability.

Press Contacts:
BIGD: Zarine Khondoker
Construct: Anthea Variend