Author: David Phillips, CEO
When I look ahead I am sure that the digital transformation we have been experiencing will continue to accelerate in 2022. The traditional education market is being reformed through digitization whether fully or as part of a blended learning approach. There is a significant and growing demand from a cost, accessibility, and flexibility perspective for alternatives to the traditional models to be considered and implemented.

Come 2022 and learners are more discerning. Expectations have been raised and learners are rightly demanding more from their digital learning providers. There is a lot of ‘bad’ one-size-fits-all online learning widely available, which has led to poor experiences and an acceptance that online education is a weaker medium than traditional forms. 

Overcoming this issue sits at the heart of who we are at Construct. We care passionately about our partners and their learners’ experiences. By staying true to our philosophy of putting the learner first we have seen the demand for our services rise significantly. This excites us tremendously, as we get the opportunity to apply our experience and expertise to support our partners, which includes some of the world’s finest institutions, governments, corporates, and charities, to make education a more accessible, impactful experience for the global learning community.

In 2022, we are privileged to start the year with a full order book and be able to continue to support our partners, new and old, to deliver world-class, engaging bespoke solutions for their learning communities. Through our continued scale we are able to offer an increased range of services to complement the incredible bench of project managers, learning designers, technologists, strategists, and architects we have supporting our partners across the world. We have an incredibly strong and talented team across a vast array of learning disciplines and geographies which means we are always ready to progress our partners’ missions. 

But we must not get complacent. We recognize that doing what we do is a privilege – helping to make education more impactful and accessible. Internally, therefore, our focus is for each of us to become the best we can be, recognizing the need to continually challenge ourselves and where necessary, develop our solutions so that we are equipped to meet the needs of the learning community in the future as well as today. In doing so, we can continue to support the transformation of this incredible industry for years to come. 

“I believe that for Construct to achieve its goals this year, we need to remain humble and rooted in our core principles of hard work, taking pride in what we do, and putting our expertise and passion for the learner experience into action.”