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It’s that time again! “Back to School.

For some, this is the most exciting time of year – educators and students return to the classroom to see each other again and progress on the pathway of advanced education. For others, “Back to School” means the end of summer vacation. But this year, “Back to School” has a completely different meaning. The thought of going back to school elicits many feelings of uncertainty and confusion for many of us. This is true for students, parents, and educators alike.

The Student: “When am I going to get to see my friends again and how do I communicate with my teachers when I need extra help?”

The Parent: “How can I best support my children’s learning at-home while simultaneously maintaining a quality work-life balance?”

The Educator: “How can I create an effective distance learning environment for my students and where do I find the resources to make such a rapid change?”

As more institutions take their learning and training online for the fall, they are looking to our global team to help them deliver better online learning. To us, “better online learning” means authentic, memorable, and accessible experiences for employers, employees, learners, teachers, AND parents.

Better Online Learning

Right now we are collectively living through a challenging time in history, and the enormity of what we are experiencing has hit us in different ways at different stages. As a result, our team has partnered with organizations globally to extend our support to educators in the industry through such trying times.

Since our beginnings in 2013, Construct’s driving mission has been to “enable opportunity through transformative learning experiences.” We have taken this mission to heart as we take action to support educators as they tackle the challenges of shifting to a purpose-driven virtual classroom this fall.

“We believe that learning can and should be effective and engaging, and we are honored to help each one of our customers create those kinds of environments. We consistently focus on quality, experience, and scalability to ensure that each learning opportunity – whether in the classroom, lecture hall, or boardroom – is memorable and authentic.”

—Katie Bradford

COO, Construct

Choosing Construct

Over the last several months, the following institutions and organizations have committed to bettering online learning through partnering with our team:




To all of our new partners and clients, and the many more to come, we are heartened by your ongoing commitment to creating better online learning experiences. We are further looking forward to the role we will play in the “new normal” of the world of education. We believe that by working together toward this goal to arm one other with information and shared experiences, we will all be better prepared to pivot as the education market continues to evolve.

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,Victoria Hekking

Marketing Manager at Construct