Attain Partners | Juran Client Announcement


Attain Partners | Juran, a management consulting firm with a dedicated practice specializing in Lean Six Sigma, has chosen Construct Education to manage the migration of its Black Belt course to the edX platform.

As an edX specialist that has designed more than 100 courses Construct is perfectly placed to deliver the migration of Attain Partners | Juran’s online training.

The first online course to be moved onto the edX platform will be the popular Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training.  This accredited training certification is designed to transfer knowledge from an Attain Partners | Juran-certified instructor to learners, resulting in a completed project and mastery of the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

To ensure that real-world skills are being developed during the course, learners are required to show the application of the skills gained throughout training as part of their certification assessment. 

What is Lean Six Sigma? 

Lean and Six Sigma — or Lean Six Sigma — provide a comprehensive set of methods and tools that enable organizations to improve quality and reduce costs — all for the ultimate goal of continuous value creation for the customer. For more information about Lean Six Sigma, click here.

About Attain Partners | Juran

Attain Partners, a leading management, technology, and compliance consulting firm, acquired Juran, Inc in June of 2022. Founded in 1979 as the Juran Institute by Dr. Joseph Juran, the “Father of Quality”, the organization quickly was recognized as a global leader for quality management, publishing books, and establishing industry-leading standards for quality measurement and improvement.

Now known as Attain Partners | Juran, the practice operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Attain Partners offering robust advisory services and comprehensive training and certification programs, including Lean Six Sigman (LSS).

Attain Partners | Juran aims to help all organizations achieve the highest quality of products, people, and processes. Combined, the team has 235 years of experience, traveled over 22.5 million miles to work with their clients in person, and trained more than 10,000 Lean and Six Sigma experts. Attain Partners | Juran believes the most difficult issues can be solved when organizations empower their people to learn continuously and apply that knowledge to creating solutions. To learn more click here.

About Construct Education

Construct Education designs strategic hybrid learning solutions through our unique fee-for-service model delivering world-class expertise and exceptional value. We have successfully digitized courses for top-tier universities and organizations worldwide, from short courses to degrees and MBA programs. Education institutions, companies, governments, and NPOs trust us to bring their online programs to life – no matter the starting point, platform, time, or budget. At Construct, we are on a mission to unlock opportunities through transformative learning experiences, thereby bridging the gap between education and employability.

Press Contacts: 

Attain Partners | Juran: Ellen Walsh

Construct Education: Anthea Variend