Online Programs, Enabled

We deliver transformative instructional design, digital content creation, custom software development, project management, and learner support services through a global team of domain experts.

We are a values-based, global Online Program Enablement company that designs and delivers rich learning experiences.

These experiences have the power to impact not just what we know (knowledge, acquisition, and retention) but what we can do (skills, behaviors, and capabilities).

We accomplish this through carefully architected interactions with people, intuitive technology, and engaging content.

Unbundled Learning Services

Our unbundled learning services deliver custom digital experiences through a combination of embedded and remote teams for:

What Our Clients Say

Why we are Zebra

We are unconventional

We are a zebra. Not a unicorn because we challenge conventional thinking, by anticipating needs and desires and championing novel approaches. We never do things simply because others do, instead, we develop different, more effective solutions.
A zebra in colors of construct with a C in the background


Author: David Phillips, CEO

A message from our CEO

When I look ahead I am sure that the digital transformation we have been experiencing…
Lights. Camera. Covid

Lights. Camera. Covid.

By Anel Hugo | How the Pandemic Disrupted Video Production I joined Construct Education in February 2020.…

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